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Boost user retention, engagement, and revenue, all in one place. If clunky software, frustrating user experience or a disjointed user journey is costing you customers, we’ve got you covered.

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  1. Rapid prototyping

    If you’ve got an idea, we can turn it into a clickable product – fast. Whether starting from a sketch or a product spec, we can design a minimum viable product that your users will love.

    • Research your market, competition, and target audience
    • Validate your idea through market and customer research
    • Establish user needs to refine your value proposition
    • Create a visual mind map to structure your ideas and information
    • Sketch and wireframe your solution to meet market and user needs
    • Design your user interface and create a clickable prototype and user flow
  2. Software improvement

    Bring fresh creative ideas and expert user experience (UX) and interface (UI) design to your software, making it easy to scale and a joy to use. We’ll improve your product with high-impact design and expert UX/UI to increase your conversions, making it easy to scale.

    • Audit your software using customer and data insights
    • Conduct user testing to collect feedback and identify blockers
    • Focused improvements to match your development release cycle
    • Software redesign for ease of use, better conversion, and visual impact
    • Optimise the user interface, onboarding, user journey, features and UX
    • Create UI design assets and style guides for your development team
  3. Software overhaul

    If you’ve got underperforming software, we can help you redesign it from the ground up. Whether you want to wow customers or add value to your users, we’ll help you nail your target market, win you new business and achieve your business objectives.

    • Expert user experience audit using data insights to prioritise areas that require immediate attention
    • Design overhaul to improve conversion rates and improve task completion rates
    • A visual mind map, wireframes, user interface and dashboard design, data visualisation and creation of a clickable prototype, as well as user flow insights to act on immediately
    • User testing and hands-on UX/UI design to transform your software by optimising user journeys, flow, engagement, growth and retention

Get Personal

Our team of experts are here to deliver the support you need when you need it.

If you’re curious about a service you don’t see listed, chances are we know a software expert with the skills and expertise to spare. 

Get in touch with us directly at to chat about our full capabilities and discuss your needs.

We take a 3 step approach to getting your software optimised and ready to start achieving the results you want.

  • Consultation call

    This is where we’ll discuss what stage your product is at, as well as your vision and what you’d like to achieve. We prefer to think of ourselves as partners with our clients, so this initial conversation will act as our springboard for getting to know one another.

  • Defining your needs

    If we know we can deliver real value, make significant improvements, and accelerate your product’s success, we’ll send you a proposal outlining exactly how we’d proceed. It’s then up to you to decide how much, or how little, support you’re looking for.

  • Making it happen

    Time to go full steam ahead. In terms of timescales, our team can create prototypes or make improvements to your existing software within 1 month. Within 3-6 months, we can complete an overhaul or extensive redesign of existing software. You won’t have to wait long before you see the ROI from our partnership.

  1. What happens when it’s done?

    Seedboost is a bit different to other software design consultancies – we don’t abandon ship once the software is up and running. We deliver business results, not pretty graphics. 

    We pride ourselves on maintaining a relationship with you even after the job is done – it’s how we know that it’ll continue achieving its aims and getting your business where you want it to be. After all, we’re partners!

    The nature of software means that it needs continuing UX/UI design support throughout its lifecycle; be it bug fixes, improved UX/UI, enhanced customer journeys, new features, updates… you get the idea.  

    We don’t like to brag, but here are some of the benefits businesses just like yours have experienced with Seedboost.

    • Increased customer conversion; user signups, more customers, and more revenue
    • Improved customer retention through reduced customer and revenue churn
    • Improved user onboarding, adoption and engagement
    • Improved customer value and satisfaction as measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Reduction in customer training and support costs, leaving more time to focus on high-value tasks
    • Boost revenue and create positive, profitable user experiences
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